What distinguishes Beachwood Systems from similar professional service firms?  Included below is our mission statement, statement of beliefs and values, business philosophies, goals, and motto that will provide you with a feeling for our firm.

Mission statement: "Beachwood Systems will be the best information systems consulting firm in our market area. We will achieve this status by providing our clients with intelligent, high-quality, state-of-the-art products and services that help them achieve their business goals in an cost-effective manner."

Our values include: "Our clients"; "Our employees"; "Achieving meaningful results for our clients"; and, "Acting with irreproachable ethical standards."

Our firmís philosophy is the same whether in relation to clients or staff members: "Do whatís best for them. Everything else takes care of itself."  We take the long term view in every client relationship which may mean having to say "No, this is not a core competency of Beachwood Systems.  Let us find someone to recommend to you for this job." or "No, we do not believe you will benefit from purchasing this product."  Putting a clientís interests first is the reason for our success.

Our goals are to make your company as self-sufficient as possible and a customer for life.

Our motto is Beachwood Systems delivers on the promises it makes.



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