Safeguarding Your GoldMine Data

    Does your company have a level one disaster recovery strategy? Has it been tested recently?

    If yours is like many companies then it probably has a backup plan in place. Beware… that is not enough! You need to go the next step of reviewing the backup each morning to verify that all files are being backed-up and periodically performing a test restore to verify that the data is ok.

    If you have reviewed the backup log you may have encountered one of the most common problems which is certain files not getting backed up because they are “open”. Most backup software will skip files that are open leaving you with an incomplete backup. Files can be open if a user forgets to logout of an application such as GoldMine, leaves their workstation on to run a report at night, or the GoldSync server is running.

    There are ways to get around this problem such as installing backup software specially designed to back up open files like ArcServe’s Open Files Agent. Another strategy is setting a user’s properties in GoldMine to force a logout at a particular time or after a period of idle time. GoldSync Server’s operating system can be scheduled to automatically shut GoldSync down before the backup starts and then restart at a later specified time.

    Unfortunately, it seems that each company must actually lose data before they understand the importance of these steps. With all that is invested in your GoldMine data, doesn’t it make sense to safeguard it?


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