Macola Versions 7.6 and 8.0

    Version 7.6 will be released in early December for both the Btrieve and MS SQL databases. This version will see several modules moved to general release status including SQL Payroll, RMA, Web.Orders, OE to PO, and POP Data Collection. Quoting and Estimating and SFC Data Collection will be close behind.

    While version 8 is still a ways off with controlled release scheduled for first quarter 2002, it promises to be the best version of Macola yet providing over 150 functionality enhancements.

    Based on feedback from users and industry sources, Macola significantly improved the user interface. These are some of the planned improvements although the code has not yet been finalized:

    1. Left justified screen layouts with push buttons on the right-hand side to give the screen a more balanced look.

    2. Labeling page tabs to indicate what is on the page instead of using labels like “page 1.”

    3. When printing to file you will be able to specify the file name.

    4. The ability to link three documents to major maintenance files such as the customer, item, and vendor master files.

    5. The ability to open additional maintenance screens directly from within another maintenance screen using push buttons. For example, item location can be opened from the item master screen.


    Other changes will incorporate new functionality such as:

    1. The item number field will be a 30-character field instead of 15.

    2. New Excel based reports and an additional Excel Add-In module to allow for further reporting, data extraction, and analysis of Macola data using Excel.

    3. Serial/Lot numbering established at the item level to allow different sequences for different items.

    4. Enhanced commission calculations allowing you to define 17 methods for calculating commissions with the ability to edit commissions on a line-by- line basis.

    5. The ability to cancel a picking ticket that was printed by accident.

    6. Production Order Processing will use a manufacturing calendar to establish which day production departments are open.


    A major distinction between version 8 and version 7.5 or 7.6 is that version 8 will only run on Microsoft’s SQL database whereas version 7.x runs on either Microsoft SQL or Pervasive.

    The best news, however, is that after upgrading to SQL the upgrade to version 8 is free to all Macola end-users who are current with their annual maintenance. 


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