Microsoft Office XP and Windows XP

    On October 25, 2001 Microsoft released its latest operating system, Windows XP, amid much media coverage. Here, we take away the media hype and look at the advantages of Windows XP and Office XP to help you decide whether to upgrade or not.

    The biggest reason to upgrade to Windows XP is improved stability over 95/98/ME and improved compatibility over 2000. Businesses lose thousands of hours of productive time while employees wait for their computers to reboot after an application crashes. With Windows XP, crashes will be fewer and farther in between and in most cases if an application does crash, your computer will keeping running. Independent testing laboratories have reported that this is the fastest Windows yet, booting up 34% faster than Windows 2000 and starting applications 25% faster than Windows 98 SE. With XP, one computer can be shared by multiple people. Each can have his or her own settings and accounts. XP has a simpler user interface making it easier to understand.

    In the event an Office XP application stops responding, Document Recovery gives you the option to automatically save your document at the time the application stops responding so as not to lose work. Office XP has SharePoint Team Services to allow seamless sharing between Office XP applications and your team website. 

    Windows XP Pro needs a P2-400 cpu and 128256 mb RAM. Office XP needs a P2-400, 400MB of disk space, and Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP.


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