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    Have you ever had a problem needing to create a filter or group but could not find any logical method on which to select the records?  Many users run into this problem when they want to send a letter to several people they just talked to but have no criteria to select only those records.

    One way to solve this problem is to use tagged records to perform your mail merge.  By using tagged records you individually select only the records you want in the mail merge.  You can tag, or select, multiple contact records from the Contact Listing or the Activity List.  As you tag records, GoldMine indicates the total number of tagged records in the title bar.

To tag a record:

1. Open the Contact Listing browse window by selecting the Lookup | Company option.

2. Press and hold the Control (Ctrl) key and then click each record you want to tag for inclusion in the group. Records remain tagged as long as you don't close the Contact Listing browse window. You can remove the tag from any record selected in the Contact Listing by repeating the same steps used to tag the record. 

3. Once your records are tagged, open your mail merge window and select the letter or e-mail to send to the tagged records. You must keep the Contact Listing Window open in the background.

4. To keep the tagged records for future reference, create a group using the Group Building wizard and select Tagged Records as the criteria.


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