Macola Tech Tips To Make You An Expert Problem Solver


Supported Platforms
    Macola has listed Windows XP Professional as a supported workstation platform for Progression SQL, running Macola with Microsoft’s SQL database. There is no support yet for running Macola with the Pervasive database using Windows XP Professional. When support is announced, Pervasive 2000.SQL with service pack 4 will be the only supported version of Pervasive with Windows XP. Macola will not support Windows XP Home edition.

    For EDI users, Sterling’s GenTran Director product is not supported on Windows XP. 

    Macola will drop Windows 95 as a supported workstation platform on January 1, 2002.

Profit Center Descriptions
    To enter descriptions for profit centers so they print on general ledger reports, use the System Manager – Maintain - System Accounts – Edit screen. When prompted for an account number enter all zeros in the main account section. Tab to the profit center account section field and enter your first profit center. Tab to the description field and enter the description for this profit center that you want to show on reports.

Received Not Invoiced Report 
    The Received Not Invoiced report uses the last receipt date for an item to determine whether it meets the date criteria specified in the starting and ending date fields on the selection screen. 

    Therefore, in the case where a line item is partially received twice, once e.g. on 10/28/01 and once on 11/2/01, if the ending date specified in the selection screen is 10/31/01 and the second partial receipt has already been entered, the item will not show on the Received Not Invoiced report since the last receipt date is now outside of the date criteria specified even though a voucher may not have been entered in Accounts Payable yet for the first receipt. Also remember that the report needs to be run before vouchers are entered for the new month because once a voucher is entered for a receipt, it comes off the report even if the voucher is dated after the ending date.     


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