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A convenient and easy way to send an email to a small number of recipients is to add them to an Email Distribution List.  This is similar to an address book found in other email programs. You may add GoldMine Contacts and Users, as well manual recipients to your lists.  Each user can create their own Private Distribution Lists and those users with the proper user rights can create Public Distribution Lists for others to use.

 To begin to utilize the distribution lists click on the Dist. List Icon on your Email Center toolbar. This will bring you to the Distribution List Center. From here right click on the Private/Public List Icon.  Choose New Distribution List from the menu.  Enter a name for the list such as Executives List.  To add contacts to this list right click on the list and choose Add Contact, Add Contact’s Email, Add User, or Add Manual Recipient Email Address. Then follow the steps to set up.  Repeat these steps to add additional items. 

 When sending an email, you can choose the right pointing arrow next to your “To” field.  From the list that appears choose Distribution List.  Select the Distribution List you wish to send the email to.   Type your message or choose an email template and then send as usual.


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