With the release of version 7.6.100, Exact Software North America (Macola) has placed their OE to PO functionality into general release.  This feature allows a user to automatically create a purchase order when an item is entered on a customer order.  It is ideal for companies that do not stock a product and simply order it from a supplier when a customer places an order with them.  This functionality is included with Macola’s purchase order and order entry modules and does not require that a separate module be purchased.

In order to use the functionality, each item for which you want to automatically create purchase orders must be setup in the item master to use the OE to PO process.  In the item master you can set each item to automatically create the purchase order or to allow user intervention.  User intervention allows the user to change the vendor or default quantity.  The Order Entry setup screen allows you to specify for all items whether the purchase order quantity will be the customer order quantity, ship quantity, or back order quantity along with whether unreleased or released purchase orders will be generated.  The purchase order setup screen allows you to decide whether a user can change the customer order quantity after the purchase order has already been generated and is in an unreleased or released status.  If you special order merchandise for customers, this new Macola functionality can improve your company’s efficiency and streamline operations. 


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