Tips and Tricks for GoldMine

Have you ever wished you had a shortcut to a contact’s network folder on the file server directly from their GoldMine record?  If so, this issue’s Tips and Tricks will show you how to achieve this goal.  To create a shortcut to a  Windows’ folder from within a GoldMine record, follow either  of the procedures below:

 1.)  Create a linked document record with a document name similar to “Contact’s Network Folder”.  In the File Name field enter the path to the explorer.exe file followed by a space and the path to the client’s network folder.  An example on a Windows 2000 computer might be "c:\winnt\explorer.exe f:\customers\Widget Co" where Widget Co is the contact’s folder.  To access the network folder double click on the linked document record.


2.)  In the Web Site field on the main contact screen enter the drive and path to the contact’s network folder.  For example  "f:\customers\Widget Co".  Check the Primary box if you want the network folder path to display on the main contact screen.  To access the network folder double click on the web site field literal.


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