Linking GoldMine into Your Phone System

Have you ever wished that GoldMine knew who was calling before picking up the phone so that it can open to that contact record ahead of time?  If so, TAPI Link for GoldMine has the functionality that you are looking for to link your phone system with GoldMine.  TAPI Link is a companion add-on product that has been developed to allow GoldMine to integrate with many phone systems.  Before TAPI Link, a custom application would have been needed for this integration, but now it is standard add-on and within the reach of many companies.

TAPI Link for GoldMine enables users to dial-out by simply clicking on the desired phone number in GoldMine.  On the inbound side, the product will display information on incoming callers as the phone rings.  This will allow representatives to quickly review the information on a caller before picking up the phone. 

The software works in the following manner for incoming calls.  When a call comes in, it searches a special table containing the three main contact phone numbers and any phone numbers entered in the additional contacts screen.  When it finds a match, it presents an incoming call pop-up screen providing the user with up to five fields of information from the contactís record.  On the pop-up screen there are options to GoTo the Record, Ignore, or Open Contact Record in a New Window.  If there is no phone match in the special table, the user gets the options to either Create New Record, Ignore, or Create New Record in New Window.  This decision can be made after the phone has been answered.

The TAPI Link product can be configured to work with many different TAPI compliant phone systems.  Generally, additional hardware and software will need to be purchased from your phone system company in order to make it TAPI compliant.  For more information on this product and the feasibility for adding this efficiency to your operation, please contact a specialist on our GoldMine team.       


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