Macola Tech Tip

When running Progression updates, a Progression window is displayed with the message "Error Creating Output File".  If the OK button is selected, the update process appears to continue.  Even though the update process continues, the error message is an indication that not all *.lbr files were updated.

    This problem can be caused by users logged into Macola while the update is processing, running a third party application such as Crystal or Microsoft Access that is accessing the Macola data, or phantom USER*.tmp files in the \MACOLA70\USERS directory.

    Use the following troubleshooting steps to address the problem:

1. Log out of Progression

2. Browse to the MACOLA70 \PROGRAMS folder and rename the INQ*.lbr and SY*.lbr files.

3. Verify no users are logged into Progression.

4. Verify no USER*.tmp files exist in the \MACOLA70\USERS directory.

5. Verify no files are held open at the server.

6. Log into the network as the administrator, and into Progression as the Supervisor.

7. Run the update process again

This information can also be found on the Macola’s website in document no. 01.233.190. 


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