Tips and Tricks for GoldMine

Trick #1 -  Making Completed Activities Appear on the Calendar:    In the weekly calendar view, right click on a blank area of the calendar.  From the local menu, click “Activities. . . ” then check the boxes for the types of activities you wish to appear on the calendar.  Note that the right hand column allows you to select completed activities.  Click OK and when your calendar refreshes the activities you have selected will be displayed.  Not all calendar views support the display of completed activities.

Trick #2 -  Using More Fields in Email Templates:

Did you know that you can use most of the contact1 and contact2 table fields in your email templates?  Simply enter a valid dBASE expression within the “<<>>” field markers.  For example, you want to insert the terms for each client into the email message.  Assuming we have a contact2 field called “UTERMS”, we could insert the field into the template by entering the following expression – “<<CONTACT2->UTERMS>>.  This allows greater flexibility in creating email templates.                                           


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