Macola Tech Tip Month End Tab


Exact has created a Month End Processing tab that includes the standard processes that must be completed at the end of a period (typically end of month).  You can customize the tab to remove processes that your company does not perform or add processes that you typically perform at period end.  The tab includes processes from several Progression packages and could include processes for packages your company does not use.  If a task has a line through it your company either does not have that package installed or you do not have access to that process.

Each task on the task list has a note associated with it to explain what is accomplished by running this task.  You can add your own notes to the existing notes or you can delete the existing notes.  If there is something you need to remember when you run a particular process or print a report then add that information to the Notes section for that task and press the Save Notes push button.


The Month End tab only shows automatically for the user Supervisor if Macola was installed new using version 7.6.  If Macola had previously been installed and was upgraded to version 7.6 this tab does not show automatically.  You can add the Month End Processing Task List tab to any user using the Import Tab feature from within Progression Workflow Explorer. When you updated to Progression 7.6.  Progression placed the file in the autotabs folder in the PWE directory under the macolaroot directory (typically macola70\PWE\Autotabs for Btrieve and macsql\PWE\Autotabs for Microsoft SQL).  To import the tab to the Supervisor user or another user:

  1. Log into Progression Workflow Explorer as Supervisor.

  2. Click File on the menu bar and click Import.

  3. Browse to the Macola root\pwe\autotabs directory.

  4. Click on the tab you want to import and click OPEN.


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