Tips and Tricks for GoldMine

Spice up your emails with graphics.  Here are the steps for sending an HTML template: 

      1)      Create an html file using FrontPage or another html development program.

  2)      Go to the Document Management Center in GoldMine by selecting Edit|Custom Templates.

  3)      Select the folder labeled Email Templates.  Right click on the folder and select New.

  4)      Name the Email Template by typing a description in the Subject Line.

  5)      Click in the body of the template

  6)      From the Email Toolbar click the Insert Field Button and select Include A Text File.

  7)      Browse to and select the html file you created in step 1.

  8)      Click the Save Template icon.

  9)      Close the Document Management Center.

10)     Go to Contact|Create E-mail|E-mail Merge.

11)     In the User field select the user that the template is stored under.  In the Template field select the correct template.

12)     Under the Recipient Tab select the correct contact or select All Contacts in the following Filter or Group and select the correct filter.

13)     In the Delivery section choose Send Now or Queue for Later Delivery.  Click OK.


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