GoldMine System Review

Are you frustrated with your GoldMine system?  Do you feel that your company can derive greater benefits from better use of the software?  If so, Beachwood Systemsí GoldMine System Review service may be what you need.

During the three or so week engagement, Beachwood Systems will use its extensive consulting expertise and experience with GoldMine to review your current implementation.  The review will begin by interviewing individuals in your company to compile a list of concerns and opportunities.  After speaking with users, the actual GoldMine configuration, usage, and procedures are analyzed.  A preliminary report is prepared containing each important issue, a recommendation for correcting the problem or implementing the opportunity, and a discussion of the resources required.  A meeting is held where each issue in the report is reviewed in detail and prioritized before completion of the document.

By following the recommendations in the review service, organizations can expect resolution to chronic problems, improvement in staff morale, and most importantly increased efficiency and productivity.

Whether your GoldMine problems have arisen from a poor implementation, a lack of defined procedures that have resulted in inconsistent system usage, or employee turnover, it may be time to consider having a review conducted.  After all, how much does it cost your firm in lost sales, customer turnover, and employee turnover using a problematic system?  Beachwood Systems can help you get more out of your investment.   


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