Exact’s Macola ES Nears General Release

 As the new year starts, Exact’s Macola ES is nearing general release.  We are told by Exact that the 20 controlled release sites are running smoothly, handling the software changes and updates in stride.  These 20 sites are made up of both new sites and upgraded v7.6 sites.  By upgrading existing v7.6 sites Exact has been able to run the database conversion program against live production data.

There are many new and exciting changes in Macola ES. This article, and articles in future newsletters, will discuss and present some of the new enhancements.  One of the biggest changes is that the accounting modules have been replaced with Exact’s Globe product from the Netherlands.  The Globe product was the foundation for Exact becoming a worldwide software publisher.

As these modules have come from a different background you must familiarize yourself with some changes in terminology.  This is to be expected and the new vernacular is nothing to worry about.

Macola ES has a 9-digit general ledger main account number field along with separate 8-character cost center and cost unit fields.  The use of three separate database fields compared with using only one database field in Macola v7.6 allows for enhanced general ledger reporting and organizational capabilities.  General ledger transactions posted in a batch mode from the sub ledgers in v7.6 are now posted to the general ledger real time as the transaction are posted in the submodules eliminating the Post From Sub ledger process in v7.6. Macola ES still provides the Distribution to General Ledger reports in the sub modules should you want to review them.

One exciting change to Macola ES is the addition of the Excel Add-in.  The Excel Add-in provides the dynamic link between Macola ES and Microsoft Excel. While the financial statements are now prepared using the Excel Add-in, the functionality is not restricted to only the general ledger as in F9.  The Excel Add-in is available across the entire Macola ES application.  This link allows you to generate your own reports in Microsoft Excel using Macola ES data, taking advantage of the features and functionality of Excel without having to key in or export and import data.  You can refresh your worksheet real-time, giving you immediate up-to-date dynamic reporting capabilities.

Some of the Excel Add-in reports that currently come with Macola ES are a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow analysis, trial balance, aging analysis, commissions due, and sales analysis report.  Macola ES also allows the entry of budget information directly into Excel with the ability to update budget files in Macola ES.

Remember there are new hardware and software requirements for Macola ES that we will explain in future newsletters.  Future articles will also discuss other changes in Macola ES and the vastly improved screen formats.  Stay tuned.

  If you would like to see Macola ES in more detail now, please contact us to arrange a presentation. 


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