Tips and Tricks for GoldMine

To install the Word Link on GoldMine 5.x with Word 2000 or Word 97 follow the steps below.

      1. Download the latest copy of the from to the GoldMine directory.

      2. Open Word 2000 and select the Tools>>Macros>>Security menu and change the security setting to medium or low (not necessary with Word 97).

.     3. Open GoldMine and select Edit>>Custom Templates.  Switch the username to Public in the upper left hand corner of the Document Management Center.

      4. Find and double click on Blank Letter 2 or any .dot file under the 'Letters, Memos, and Faxes' icon on the left side.

      5. 'Enable' macros and say 'Yes' to install the link. Accept the default settings in the installation wizard and specify the fax software before selecting the Save Preferences button. Click OK to avoid viewing the documentation.


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