A Rose is a Rose…

GoldMine uses one of two database platforms, dBASE or Microsoft SQL.  Over the years the dBASE version has been consistently called GoldMine until the release of v5.7 when the name was changed to GoldMine Business Contact Manager.  The SQL version was called Enterprise in v4.0, FrontOffice Sales and Marketing in v5.0 and 5.7, and now GoldMine Business Contact Manager Corporate Edition in v6.0.

Some of the new features in the v6.0 Corporate Edition are:

      1. My GoldMine Desktop – A customizable section that users can personalize to display business critical information from the web or GoldMine such as Forecasted Sales, Pending Activities, or links to web sites.

      2. Built-in database backup and restore wizards.

      3. An improved contact search center.

      4. Redesigned Opportunity & Project Manager that simplifies the creation, tracking, and completion of complex sales opportunities.

      5. Improved wizards for automating common tasks such as bringing data into GoldMine, adding users, customizing the most commonly used fields, applying industry templates, configuring email, and integrating to key applications such as Microsoft® Word and Adobe® Acrobat®.

With the release of v6.0 FrontRange has announced the sunset of GoldMine Everywhere Server because the web based client is not compatible with the v6.0 Corporate Edition.


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