Macola 7.6.200 Approaches Mass Release

Exact North America has revised their mass release schedule for v7.6.200 to be the beginning of April.  It will ship automatically to all end users that have current maintenance as of December 31, 2002. Version 7.6.200 contains 14 enhancements, many program corrections, and utilizes Crystal Reports v8.5 for the Integrated Crystal Reports.

Some of the enhancements contained in 7.6.200 include:

1. The option to get the current price when a customer order is copied from history.

2. Copying order header and line comments when an order is copied from history.

3. When utilizing the OE to PO functionality, customer orders that are on hold no longer have a purchase order created automatically.

4. When a customer order is linked to a purchase order and the purchase order is received, the receiver will show the customer order number.

5. A customer order linked to a purchase order can no longer be deleted before the purchase order is cancelled.  On the other side, if the user tries to delete a purchase order linked to a customer order they will be warned and asked if they want to continue.

6. RMA header and line comments can now be viewed via push buttons on the RMA View screen.

7. In Master Scheduling a Forecast Order can be entered with a revised quantity of 0.  

8.When printing the Serial/Lot Expiration report the status of a lotted item is now printed.


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