Macola ES Includes Several Order Entry Improvements

Exact’s Macola ES product is in controlled release and currently installed at approximately twenty sites. The order entry module has a significant number of enhancements and changes. Many users will find these improvements make the system easier to use and improve overall productivity. In this article we will discuss several of the new changes

Macola ES allows you to edit a captured bill of material for a Production Order Processing (POP) Pull or O/E Manufactured item from the Enter Orders application. The captured bill is changed using the Edit Captured Bill button on the order entry screen. This button is only available when you access the line item in change mode and the quantity to ship is less than the quantity ordered. These changes do not affect the bill of material stored in the product structure file.

ES has improved the functionality when converting customer quotes to orders. When converting quotes to orders the customer number can be changed and you can select whether to use the price/cost that is on the quote or get the current price/cost.

One of the most requested enhancements has finally been added, the Enter Orders screen now displays the total sales dollars and quantity amounts based on quantity ordered and shipped. Version 7.6 only shows the totals based on quantity to ship.

Macola ES has added the ability to change commissions on a line item by line item exception basis through the Commission button on the order entry screen. The Commission button is only available if the Calculate Commission Method in Order Entry Setup is set to I for Item Pct/Amt.

A major user interface improvement is the use of only one screen to enter order header information and order line item information when entering a customer order. A screen shot of the Enter Orders screen is shown below.
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