Tips and Tricks for GoldMine

GoldMine Alerts

When using GoldMine it may be essential to notify users of important facts relating to an account each time a user goes to that account.  Some examples of these situations include when an account is on credit hold or needs to be handled with extra care.  GoldMine uses its alert functionality to handle these situations.

  1. Open the account record.

 2. Select Edit Record Properties.

 3. Select the Alerts Tab

 4. Select Enable Alerts

 5. Select an Alert from the list or create a new alert by selecting the New Alert button.

 6. To create a new alert, type a three character code to identify the alert.  Enter the alert description.  You may also type a message to further describe the situation.  The message will be shown when the alert is displayed.

 7. Select OK.  The alert is now attached to the account and will appear each time a user accesses the account record.


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