KnowledgeSync 2000 for GoldMine

Do you need to generate and distribute weekly or monthly reports to your Sales Managers?  Would you like to be notified about any marketing campaign prospects that haven't been followed-up with in over a month?  Would your CFO like to know about pending sales for clients on credit hold?  These options once available only to the largest of companies are now becoming more widely available through a product called KnowledgeSync 2000.    

KnowledgeSync for Sales Force Automation automatically monitors GoldMine for specific conditions you define and then triggers actions to occur.  Some examples of applications for KnowledgeSync are to: (1) improve integration with other products to provide a sales organization with the ability to be alerted about critical customer activities based on the combined information in GoldMine and any other front-office or back-office application;  (2) automatically generate and distribute frequently used reports on a periodic basis via email or webcast; (3) assist with one-to-one marketing opportunities where KnowledgeSync can identify and alert you to the marketing opportunity as it arises;  (4) enhance Business Intelligence by monitoring GoldMine for problems with business critical success factors so that you can be alerted in time to correct the problem.

KnowledgeSync is designed to work with GoldMine and extend its capabilities so your employees have the tools they need to become more productive and efficient.


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