Macola’s Event Manager

Are you overloaded trying to stay on top of your business by monitoring reports to look for problems?  Does important information slip through the cracks and catch you by surprise?  If so Macola’s new Event Manager is for you.

The Event Manager automatically monitors your Macola database looking for conditions you specify as often as you want.  Through this constant monitoring, critical, time-sensitive business information will be delivered to your staff, clients, and partners in real-time as they need it.  Some example applications for the Event Manager are to: (1) alert purchasing when an item drops below its re-order level; (2) spot customers who haven’t purchased in over ‘X’ days; (3) notify customers about an order that will be arriving late; (4) Send a customer a reminder about an overdue invoice; (5) Send order confirmations to customers automatically via e-mail.

There are two steps to setting up Event Manager notifications.  The first step is to setup a Query Definition.  The Query Definition allows you to setup a condition that the Event Manager will search the Macola database for.  An example of a Query Definition is items with quantity on hand below their reorder level.  When setting up the Query Definition the user goes through a series of tabs to select the tables, links, columns, and filters to be used in configuring the Query Definition.  This process is similar to setting up a Crystal Report or Microsoft Access report.

Once the Query Definition is defined, creating an Event is the next step.  When creating an Event the first step to select the Query Definition that will be used.  After selecting the query you specify the notification type that will happen when the query is meet.  Examples of notification types are email, fax, page, or webcast.  Once the action is defined you specify the subscribers of the notification.  The subscribers are the people that will receive the notification that the Query Definition has meet its criteria.  The final step is to set the time interval for how often the Query Definition will be run against the database, such as every minute, hour, or at a specific time.

One more powerful feature of an Event is the ability to attach Crystal Reports.  This allows users to pre-define, automatically generate, and distribute Crystal Reports.  Reports can be distributed via e-mail, fax, FTP, and by linking reports to a Web page.  By creating Events that monitor the database constantly you can create real-time reports.  Another option is to create Events that run at scheduled times to create a mini Executive Information System that includes reports such as past due customers, manufacturing orders that are late, and booked customer orders.  These reports can be run over night and be ready for management to view each morning.  A final idea is to use Events to email reports to remote sales reps showing their customer’s sales.

Exact has recently announced the release of the Event Manager for its Macola software.  Event Manager was developed by Vineyard Software which has entered into an agreement with Exact Macola to allow Exact to sell it directly through its resellers to the end users.  Much like Crystal Reports, Macola will sell and support this product.  Event Manager will be available with both Progression and ES products.

For more information and to schedule a demonstration, call Gary Baum at 216-823-1800 ext 103.


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