Microsoft CRM

Microsoft CRM Sales for Outlook Client gives you the ability to work with your CRM data within the familiar Outlook environment.  Users can work with the Outlook client both online and offline.  The synchronization capabilities the Outlook client contains give you the ability to take the application with you while you travel, or work away from your office. 

Microsoft CRM Sales for Outlook Client can be accessed from within Microsoft Outlook 2000 and later versions.  Once installed, the client appears as an icon within the Outlook tool bar and as a separate folder within the folder list.  Additional shortcuts and folders make other areas of Microsoft CRM easily accessible from within Outlook.  These areas include email, tasks, and contacts.  The Outlook client is focused on the Microsoft CRM Sales modules.

Microsoft CRM Outlook Client allows users to take advantage of the functionality of a CRM product while working within Outlook, a product they are familiar with.  By continuing to use a product they are familiar with, it lessens the fear many users feel when learning a new product and can make training and implementation of Microsoft CRM easier for your staff to manage. 


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