Macola’s Advanced Distribution

  Macola Advanced Distribution Package (ADIS) helps your organization run more efficiently and effectively, ultimately bringing more profits to the bottom line. It does this by better customer service, reducing administrative costs and overall better control of  product distribution. Although a separate module, it does not show up in the list of applications. When ordered the ADIS functionality is activated in the inventory module and other applications become available such as RMA.

Macola’s ADIS application consists of a set of six specific functions: Landed Cost, Multi-Bin, Return Material Authorization,  Confirm Picking, Hard Allocation, and Material Inspection. This functionality, described below, provides added benefits and value to the way you run your business. These modules have the capability of improving customer service and controlling administrative cost. Remember, your competitor may be providing this capability to his customers, shouldn’t you?

Landed Cost - Landed Cost capability enables you to calculate all costs of the product normally associated with purchasing and receiving materials for resale or production. These costs called landed costs include such items as freight, import duties, custom charges, insurance and other handling costs. The Landed Cost Tracking system ensures that landed costs are capitalized against the inventory item allowing for accurate ROI and Cost of Goods Sold.

 Multi-Bin- A Multi Bin system supports a tightly controlled stockroom, as you create and maintain multiple bins within a location. Multiple items may reside in the same bin and the same item may reside in multiple bins within a location. The benefits are clear. Parts can be located easier and faster. Warehouse space is better utilized and labor cost can be reduced.

     Return Material Authorization  (RMA) gives your customer service and sales representatives the power to track authorizations for return of products. It also provides the ability to track “cross-ships” which provides better customer service. RMA provides the means to enter, track and resolve customer returns. RMA’s are entered on line and a system created authorization number is given to your customers. This application has the potential to reduce labor cost associated with managing returns.

Confirm Pick- Confirm Pick updates the quantities on-hand and allocated items by location. It adjusts the quantities when you enter the information after picking and assembling the order. More accurate on-hand information is now available to your customers.

Hard Allocation- ADIS allows you to use hard allocation as well as soft allocation. Using hard allocation, you commit specific serial, lot and/or bin numbers to an order during order processing. This is beneficial when specific lots must remain together.

Material Inspection - When material arrives at your dock, not all of it may be in acceptable condition. Items tagged for inspection are received in an inspection warehouse. The material is in your inventory but not available for distribution until inspected and made available for sale or manufacturing. Detail statistics are maintained for rejected items and rules for inspection can be established.

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