Improve Business Productivity with Microsoft CRM

 Microsoft CRM helps  management make informed business decisions.  With Microsoft Business Solutions CRM, managers can view all sales and service activities, as well as work with a comprehensive set of reporting tools to measure business activity and forecast sales. They can run and view reports for sales activity and quotas, closed and pending orders, support incident management and resolution, financial summaries, and more. All reports are designed to help your business identify the opportunities, trends, and problems that guide business decision-making processes. Report data also can be easily exported to other applications, such as Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft CRM allows your Sales and Service Departments to see the information that they need at the right time.  Microsoft CRM lets your business offer consistent and efficient sales and service, with integrated Sales and Customer Service modules and a centralized information database that works across your existing business systems. Employees can view, update and share information, including complete views of sales and service activity, orders, and customer history.

    Microsoft CRM gives your sales reps an effective way to track and manage leads from multiple sources, and your managers the ability to evaluate which leads result in closed sales.  Information can be imported from a customer-facing Web site, marketing lists, and more.  In addition, sales reps can send e-mail messages or direct mail materials to prospective customers, offering a special promotion. Any leads that turn into customers and sales opportunities can be tracked through the system.    


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