What Role Does Software Play with CRM

 What role does software play in developing a good customer relationship management process?

As CRM has developed into its current role, it has been synonymous with software.  The prevailing thought was that if you wanted CRM – start with buying some software.  While software is certainly a major component of CRM – it is not CRM by itself. CRM  allows organizations to leverage technology to assist them in making customer-centric business decisions.

A CRM system usually consists of a centralized database as a means to capture valuable prospect and customer information that can be shared across their businesses to make agile, customer-centric strategies, and ultimately to help build more profitable customer relationships.   Relationships are based on interaction and activities.  This interaction ranges from phone calls and appointments to emails and paper correspondence.  Most systems allow for you to track all of these interactions, allowing for a more complete picture of your business relationship with the contact or organization.

Some benefits using CRM software can offer a company are:          

 -ability for your marketing department to import a purchased mailing list or import leads from a trade show and follow-up with a direct mail piece in a few simple clicks or commands.                                               

 -visibility into your salespersons’ schedules and opportunities which allows management to “coach” their salespeople and have awareness of the pipeline and the demands it may impose.                                              

 - the ability to structure your sales process and allow for a defined set of procedures that keeps leads from falling through the cracks.                     

 - the ability to evaluate and calculate your Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing and your Close Ratios allows you to make quick decisions to improve your revenue generation.

    Having the ability is what CRM is all about!


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