Shipping Has Never Been Easier With Exact Macola

 A very popular third party solution for Macola has been V-Technologies “StarShip” product line. V-Technology specializes in shipping automation software, software that allows for integration to Macola as well as an interface to UPS’s billing system. Rate tables are maintained and sent to you, the user.  This series of products seamlessly interfaces to either Macola 7.6 or the new ES product. Whether you have a p.sql or ms.sql data base, the products are available and supported.

StarShip is a multi-carrier shipping system with a real-time interface to sales documents. Carriers supported include: UPS, FedEx (Express and Ground), US Postal Service, Airborne Express, Spee-Dee and a User Definable Carrier. New features including communications to UPS via the Internet and an enhanced FedEX Server interface which now includes support for Ground and Home Delivery in addition to Domestic and International FedEx shipments.

ShipGear is middleware that connects UPS Online WorldShip to Macola. ShipGear is an ideal solution for companies shipping primarily with UPS and/or using the Worldship software.

In addition to retrieving ship to information, StarShip and ShipGear also:

-Translates your ship via codes to ensure packages are shipped using the proper service.

-Interprets COD (avoids the costly error of missing a COD shipment).

-Retrieves the e-mail addresses and automatically enables ship notification.

-Adds freight charges and shipment detail to the sales document. The UPS and FedEX tracker numbers are recorded in Macola for future reference.

-Can utilize Macola’s Manifest Select Interface to allow for immediate invoicing.

WinFreight is a rate calculator that supports UPS, Federal Express, USPS and Airborne Express. Use it to quickly calculate freight for outbound and inbound shipments. The only information you need is the origin and destination ZIP codes, weight and service.

In conclusion, there are several features that make this software worth evaluating. (1) Automatic write back to Macola of freight charges makes billing easier and more accurate. (2) Writing back UPS and FedEX tracker numbers makes tracking orders simpler through the carrier web sites. (3) E-mailing shipping confirmation and tracker numbers to your customers reduces the work effort for customer service

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