Taking Control of Y2K


Preparedness for the turn of the millennium is not necessarily a complex matter.  By focusing on a few key areas, most small to medium sized businesses can rest assured that their critical systems will still be operating on January 1st.

The first order of business is checking the file servers for compliance.  The BIOS and the clock must be tested.  After that, the desktop PC’s must undergo the same scrutiny.  

The network operating system and other software applications usually can be upgraded according to manufacturer’s specifications.  Most of the time, a quick tour of the manufacturer’s web site reveals a number of downloadable instructions, fixes, and patches where needed.  Many recent software packages are already compliant.

It pays to hire a professional to check systems and machines for Y2K compliance.  However, hiring a consulting firm can be expensive and may not fit the scale and scope of the problem.  There are several commercial software packages that hunt down compliance issues on individual desktop PC’s.

Norton 2000 is a good compliance checking software package.  Norton 2000 was named “Best End-User Software” at FOSE ’99.  It will pinpoint and repair potential conflicts and problems in the operating system as well as some software applications.  It is widely available.  Check 2000 by Greenwich Mean Time is another fine program.  Check it out at http://www.gmt-uta.com/.  


There is one change that has been widely published for Windows 95, 98, and NT pc’s:


Double-click on My Computer


Double-click on Control Panel


Double-click on Regional Settings


Click on the “Date” tab at the top of the window


If “Short Date Sample” is in two-digit (“yy”) year format, pull down the corresponding list box and select a   four-digit format (“yyyy”)


Click Apply, then OK


Microsoft states that the change is not required for Year 2000 compliance and is only needed to avoid displaying ambiguous dates.                                            


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