GoldMine®: Not Your Father’s Rolodex

GoldMine provides the tools businesses need to gather, store and analyze customer information in order to win - and more importantly - retain customers. Designed for the workgroup, GoldMine collects and centralizes much critical  information flowing through an organization; the result is an internal organizational structure that has every employee working at maximum effectiveness and efficiency. With GoldMine's unique solution to managing prospect and client information, teams can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time realizing results.

GoldMine bridges the gap between complex, expensive Sales Force Automation software and lower-end Contact Managers to give you high-end results at an affordable price.

Network users will appreciate GoldMine’s new licensing flexibility.  In the past, each remote user license cost hundreds of dollars, but now, network administrators can undock users from the network, thus trans-forming them into licensed re-mote users.  And while remote, thanks to GoldMine’s seamless direct IP dial-up connections and modem-to-modem connections, users can synchronize even user-defined fields and linked documents..

GoldMine is an indispensable tool for any business


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