What is Macola?

Macola is an integrated suite of accounting, distribution, and manufacturing applications.  Just take a look at the column to your right to get a glimpse at Macola’s remarkable power.  What the column doesn’t say is that Macola runs on Novell and Windows (NT/98/95/3.1)!

Founded twenty years ago in Marion, OH, Macola Software capitalized on the needs of small to medium sized manufacturing firms with revenues of $5 million to $100 million.  Now a global corporation with sales of over $30 million and international growth of over 200% per year, Macola can serve the manufacturer with international aspirations.

The true power of the Macola Suite is in its flexibility.  Screens can be customized without programming.  Each module has set-up options that will tailor the module for your environment.  Custom reports can be developed quickly and easily. 

Macola is modular and fully integrated, that is to say that the entire suite is totally synchronized and shares a single graphical user interface (GUI) theme.  Each module and frequently used file is accessible from the “Macola Workspace”, making hunting down files through folders and trees and thing of the past.

Macola is fully Y2K compliant.  Contact Adam Ryan at Beachwood Systems to find out if Macola is right for your business.


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