Exact Software’s Warehouse Management System

 Most of us are aware of the features and functionality found in Macola’s distribution modules.  The Inventory Management module provides the base functionality for controlling inventory.  Functionality grows with the Advanced Distribution module which contains features such as Multi-Bin, Landed Cost, and Confirm Ship.  Exact has drastically improved inventory warehousing functionality through their Warehouse Management System (WMS).  Initially this system was designed to assist EDI users in completing the Advanced Ship Notice required by many of their customers.  However it has grown into a complete warehouse management system for both EDI and non-EDI users with all the features you would expect.

Exact’s Warehouse Management System allows you to control and track the movement and storage of material throughout your warehouse.   In doing so it provides you with the critical information necessary to make daily business decisions that directly impact your customers, suppliers, and profitability.

Managing a warehouse starts at the point material is received.  The Receiving and Inventory Data Collection and Labeling Module allows products and materials to be scanned, verified, and immediately processed as they are brought into the warehouse.  The system can be configured to automatically produce product labels for items that are not pre-labeled.  Labels can be generated for the individual selling unit, inner pack, cartons, and pallets.

Once products are received, you will be able to easily manage and track the movement of material throughout the warehouse.  Warehouse and bin transfers are easily handled, even for serialized and lotted items.  With radio frequency scanners, miscellaneous issues and receipts can be recorded right in the aisles.

The Pick and Ship Verification Module gives you the tools you need to manage the process in a single screen.  Printing paper based picking tickets are a thing of the past with the WMS’s electronic picking process.  During the process each pick ticket gets a uniquely numbered historical document, allowing you to track the full picking and shipping history of an order.  Picking multiple orders at a time through bulk or wave picks can now be done.   When the picking process is complete, Bills of Lading can be printed, including the VICS standard bill that has been adopted by many retail customers.

The EDI ASN Data Collections Module provides for the capture of data necessary to  complete the Advance Ship Notice (ASN) required by many EDI trading partners.  With its integration to Macola’s EDI module, creating ASNs are no longer the nightmare they used to be.

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