Solutions for SPAM & Viruses at Work and Home

        Have you noticed that your SPAM is increasing?  How much time do you spend deleting SPAM each day?  Ever worry that you have deleted an email  you shouldn’t have?  We have tried a lot of products to alleviate this problem and, so far, the two solutions described in this article work the best.

       For your work environment, rather than getting a product that installs on your workstation, or using a product that installs on your email server, or even a product that installs on your firewall, what you want to do is to stop the SPAM before it has a chance to get to your door step.  There are several companies that have set up internet based filtering services that examine all corporate email and forward only the good mail and put the rest into an on-line repository.  The beauty of this approach is that it frees up your internet bandwidth, reduces the load on your e-Mail server, and provides an industrial strength first-level protection against e-Mail based viruses.

       Beachwood Systems resells the service by the leading provider on the market.  The cost is $60 per person per year.  Not only does it neatly categorize and strip out SPAM email, it also segments emails containing viruses.  Each user has a web-based interface to review his or her SPAM and virus-infected emails before permanently deleting them.  If you find that emails are not coming through from certain mail lists you want to be on, you can add the senders address to your ‘white list.’  There is also a black list for reoccurring emails that do not get filtered out.

       For your home pc, the product that Beachwood Systems recommends is Norton Internet Security 2004 because of its breath of functions.  Along with Norton’s excellent virus protection, it has a SPAM filter, intrusion detection, firewall, pop-up blocker, and offers parental control over categories of web-sites that can be accessed.  While the anti-virus component has been enhanced to uncover some non-virus threats, you should still download a free copy of ‘Spybot – Search and Destroy’ to identify and remove Spyware.  Norton Internet Security 2004 can be purchased at any computer superstore for about $75 for a one year subscription.


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