Now, it’s easy to access the full functionality of GoldMine® Corporate Edition from any Web connection or from a local area network (LAN). With iGoldMine™ you can access your sales and marketing information, and your customer service and support information to better manage your customer relationships.

     The power of GoldMine Corporate Edition lies in its ability to track customer relations across individuals, teams, and through the entire customer lifecycle. iGoldMine offers the functionality of GoldMine Corporate Edition with added security by eliminating the need to have locally stored information. A thin client strategy utilizes server-based computing to enable organizations to administer, deliver, and update applications from a central location to a wide variety of users. iGoldMine is a great solution for anyone who needs to access their customer information remotely.

 A Flexible Solution that Gives Immediate, Real-time Access to GoldMine

 Use iGoldMine to:

• Supplement regular access to GM

• Deliver new GoldMine applications to distributed teams

• Use existing desktop hardware without making upgrades

• Support the use of multiple desktop operating systems or platforms

• Replace synchronization procedures with live access

• Rapidly configure and deliver with the complete control of a central IT department

• Connect over a local area network (LAN), the Internet, or other network connection

• Create, view, update, print records

• Search for contacts

• View personal and group calendars

• Update schedules

• Manage correspondence, e-mail and e-mail folders

• Utilize GoldMine software’s signature tools such as Opportunity Management, Automated Processes™ , Literature Fulfillment, and leads analysis

     iGoldMine can be run either inside the browser, or as an extension of it.  GoldMine provides an ActiveX control plug in for Microsoft Internet Explorer and also works with other browsers.  iGoldmine can be run outside of the browser through use of a native client with even better performance.

     The target market for iGoldMine is any customer who requires real-time remote access to GoldMine, or any existing GoldMine Everywhere Thin Client customer who is upgrading to GoldMine Business Contact Manager 6.6 Corporate Edition.  Customers can only purchase the iGoldMine Server if they currently own GoldMine Corporate Edition licenses, or with new purchases of GoldMine Corporate Edition.

 iGoldMine versus Synchronization

     We are sometimes asked the question, “How does iGoldMine factor into my synchronization strategy?”   In many cases, iGoldMine can replace synchronization.  If your users work from one location most days (i.e. a home office, or remote office), or if your users spend a short amount of time in GoldMine each day, then iGoldMine is a feasible replacement to synchronization.  Keep in mind that users will need to be connected to the iGoldMine server in order to work which in most cases is an internet and/or VPN connection to your workplace network.  If your users require access to GoldMine data while on an airplane or in their car, for example, iGoldMine will not be the complete solution.  When considering the administrative time involved in maintaining a synchronization server, laptops, and the process in general, the cost of deploying iGoldMine to users is an option to consider.


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