Progression 7.6.300 Released With Exciting New Enhancements

The much discussed release of service pack 300 is now available from Exact. If you have not received it you can contact Exact for them to reship your CD.  Remember that your maintenance must be current to in order to receive updates.  Since 7.6.300 has just been released, we suggest you wait a little longer before implementing.

Several modules have enhancements with this release. The modules include: 1. Accounts Payable, 2. Order Entry, 3. Purchase Order, 4. Payroll, 5. EDI, 6. Labor Performance, 7. Barcode, and 8. System Manager.

We donít have the space to discuss each enhancement so instead we will focus on Order Entry and Accounts Payable.

 Order Entry - Over twenty five enhancements have been added. Here are a few:

Immediate printing options allow you to print pick tickets, acknowledgements, quotes, and shipping labels when you complete order entry. You can also save shipping labels and print them in batch.

Price Codes.  There are several enhancements to price codes including a mass maintenance of end dates.

Billing in Picking Sequence allows billing in pick sequence order which matches the sequence on pick tickets. The picking sequence is established in Item Location Maintenance in Inventory Management.

Immediate Invoice Printing from Select for Billing allows you to print an invoice directly from the Order Billing Screen. When you complete the billing selection, the system prompts you to print an invoice. If you choose to print an invoice, the system opens the Print Invoice screen with the starting and ending order number filled with the order you just billed. You must activate the option in O/E setup.

Order Entry Setup has two additional screens. These allow you to set defaults for immediate printing, mass price changes, whole order pricing, and making quantity ordered equal quantity shipped.

 Accounts PayableĖ In previous versions of Progression, in Accounts Payable there was no way to remove a credit memo from a voucher and reapply it to another voucher. Instead you had to cancel the Credit Memo and then re-enter it with correct apply to information. In this version a new Reapply option has been added that allows you to remove a credit memo from a voucher and apply it to a different voucher.

     Exact has made available a 50 page document presenting in detail the Order Entry enhancements.  Contact Gary Baum at  216-823-1800 ext. 103 or e-mail for a copy or with any questions you may have.


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