Exact Software’s Advanced Graphical Scheduling for Macola

      In today’s high velocity, global economy, it is no longer enough to say that you have the ability to deliver a product. And if this promise relies on the use of scarce resources (human, material, facility, utility, etc…) within your organization, you need to be able to react quickly to changes in process and product with minimum disruption. You need to maximize customer service levels and minimize costs within your operation.

     Exact Advanced Graphical Scheduling (AGS) benefits from world class designs and implements state-of-the-art technology within its solution. It uses an intuitive user interface that is tightly integrated to the Exact Macola Progression or Macola ES back office system. You have the ability to see and respond to changes on your shop floor quickly and efficiently.

     Realizing that every company has different needs and philosophies regarding production scheduling, Exact has a multi-tier solution that will fit your particular needs and can grow with your organization. Whether you believe in Forward or Backward Finite Theory of Constraints, Exact AGS has the ability to drive your planning and scheduling as you desire.

 Deliver better more consistent levels of customer service to improve profitability.

 Several models of AGS are available to meet your specific needs:


User definable operation and product attributes

Plot the usage of additional resources such as labor, tools, etc.

Set up or changeover times that are sequence dependent.

Transfer batching between operations (overlapping operations)


Multiple constraints during the scheduling process e.g. machine and labor etc.

Define capabilities as a constraint

Limit the resources that can be selected based on previous resources selected

Limit the start of an operation based on the previous operation start/finish

Incorporate assembly/disassembly BOM structures within a single user.


Use BOM data structures to peg or allocate materials from one or more producing orders to one or more consuming orders.

Use pegging rules to define which consuming and producing orders can be linked together

Limit the start of consuming orders based on completion time of producing orders

Use complex “optimization” dispatching scheduling rules to, for example, introduce preferred color sequencing to minimize set up time, or minimize work in process.

      This is an additional module for Exact software. AGS is a Preactor product supported by Exact Software. For more information  or a demonstration contact Gary Baum at  216-823-1800 ext. 103 or e-mail baum@beachsys.com  with any questions you may have.


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