Virus / Spam Prevention

      A couple of months ago, Beachwood Systems announced that it is offering an internet based service that intercepts a company’s email and filters out spam and email that contain viruses.  Since then 10 clients have signed up for the service, all providing very positive feedback.  Listen to what Pam Noble, President of Noble Pension Consulting has to say: “Several of us were being inundated by spam… and not just of the advertising variety either.  Once we put Beachwood’s internet filtering service in place it was virtually gone.  I can’t think of a better value for $60 anywhere.”

     The beauty of the solution is that it stops the spam before it gets to your email server, reducing the load on your server and freeing your internet bandwidth.  In addition the service provides a first level of defense against email-based viruses.  If you have ever had your email server or network pc’s infected by a virus, you will know that this feature alone is worth ten times its price.

     The service is rated number one in the industry and does a great job at identifying and quarantining spam, and letting the real email go through.  Call us to learn more about this inexpensive and highly effective product.


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