Exact Software’s e-Synergy Announces Workplace Templates

      E-synergy, from Exact Software, provides a Web-based Business Process Management solution that connects the people, processes and knowledge that matters most to your business. By creating a real-time, accurate view of the organization’s personnel, financials, workflow, documents and asset information, business can obtain control over their operations, enhancing decision-making, analysis and scenario planning.

     To enhance e-synergy and address issues that affect certain industries, e-synergy has announced two new workplace templates.  These templates allow for a highly tailored and cost effective implementation.  The templates integrate with the Exact Software Macola products to complete the billing and inventory cycle. The two initial templates are Exact Field Service and Exact Rental. More templates are in the development cycle.

 Exact Field Service

The key factors driving the design for the Field Service template include:

Improve service response time.

Schedule technician workflow for better manpower utilization.

Establish preventive maintenance schedules to minimize downtime.

Automate work-order creation and maintenance schedules.

Centralize information, documentation, communication and transactions.

Access real-time information anytime, anywhere.

Track time and materials by contract, product, location and customer.

Link with Exact Rental and PDA hand held computers.

    The Exact Field service solution provides your organization with a powerful set of business tools that enable employees and management to access relevant customer and service related information, all delivered over the internet.

 Exact Rental

From submitting a quote, to making a reservation or filling an order, Exact Rental streamlines your rental business. Exact Rental unifies all aspects of your organization, providing a solution that lowers the overall cost of operating a rental organization.

With Exact Rental you can…

Improve rental profitability.

Enhance equipment utilization.

Simplify rental configuration for attachments and add-ons.

Streamline delivery and pickup with serialized transport.

Automate workflow and productivity.

Reduce administrative overhead.

Elevate customer service, satisfaction and loyalty.

Link with Field Service and PDA handheld computers.

    Exact Rental provides organizations better control over the rental process including logistics, workflow, and document management.

    For more information or to schedule a demonstration for these two new exciting products, call Gary Baum @ 216-823-1800. 


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