Work Station Recovery

     Have you had your workstation or home PC get so bad that the solution was to do a complete reload?  Normally this is not a pleasant task.  Reloads require formatting the drive, reloading Windows, reloading all your applications (if you can find the CD’s and license codes!), configuring the pc, and finally restoring personal data.

   There are products that can make an exact duplicate of everything on your hard drive. The images can be stored on CD’s, DVD, USB/ FireWire device , or a network drive.  The idea is to do it when your computer is setup the way you want it and it is working well.  You would make subsequent images when the configuration changed substantially.

     One such product is Norton Ghost. The current version is 9.0.  According to PC Magazine “Symantec’s Norton Ghost maintains a well deserved reputation as a powerful and reliable disk-imaging application with multiple storage options.”

    Norton Ghost supports the new Iomega REV Drives as well as other options.  The REV Drive is a “removable drive” that you can use for the image and then store the media securely.  Iomega even offers a bundle to purchase the software and the REV Drive as a package.

    When disaster strikes, Norton Ghost can get you back in business in minutes.  You can view the backed up files and select only those you wish to restore. In the case of a major problem, you can recover the entire contents of the failed hard drive from the backup image.

     Remember, Ghost is not intended to replace your normal daily back ups. After you restore from Ghost you will need to update your personal data files to the most current level.


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