Formwerks for GoldMine Improves Speed of Business

      Formwerks has enabled hundreds of companies including Financial Advisors,  Insurance Agents and Real Estate Agents to improve the speed and efficiency with which they do business.  Want to find out if it can help you in the same way?  If one of the following scenarios sounds familiar to you, the answer to this question should be “Yes”.

    Scenario One – You use a number of PDF forms which you send to your clients or prospective clients to fill out.  You then enter this information into your GoldMine system manually.  In GoldMine, the multiple screens may cause you to miss input of data or users may input it wrong.  With Formwerks you can create a form and e-mail it to your new client.  The client then completes the form and clicks on a submit button which will email the completed form back to you. When you receive it, you can open it and create a new record in GoldMine automatically.

    Scenario Two – You need to collect a large amount of data when creating a new client record, which may require you to utilize multiple screens within GoldMine.  With FormWerks you can create a form that contains all the required information on one screen.  Users can then click on one button and create the new record filling in the required fields, no matter where they are located in the database.

    Scenario Three– You frequently need to create form documents from data you already have in GoldMine.  With non-integrated form software, you need to manually type the information into the form.  Using Formwerks you can pull up a Formwerks form and automatically have the information fill into the correct places.

     Formwerks works with Acrobat 6.0.  Please contact the Beachwood Systems CRM Team for more information on this or other add-on products for GoldMine.


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