Announcements from Exact Software’s Annual Dealer Meeting 

     Each year Exact holds an annual meeting for all its certified dealers in the United States.  These meetings have always been well run and a source of important information.  Here are some of the highlights from this year’s meeting.

    Exact Software now has over 2,000 employees located in 60 countries.  Its  software is used at over 100,000 sites world wide.  In North America alone it is used at over 10,000 sites. 

    Globe Enterprise is Exact’s accounting, distribution, and light manufacturing product that has primarily been used internationally.  It will be introduced in North America this fall.  The main reason for the decision is to provide companies with locations around the world to run the same software in North America as well, and be able to obtain local support.  The Macola product family will remain the focus for sales in North America and there is no planned upgrade path from Macola to Globe Enterprise.

    Service Pack B is under development for Macola Progression version 7.6.300.  Functionality for Progression will continue to be enhanced, some of which will be found in Service Pack C at a later date.

    The conversion utility for Macola ES has been utilized successfully many times and was presented to the dealer channel in a formal program for its use.

    E-Synergy, Exact Software’s work-flow, project management, and document management software, continues to be the star of the show.  There are now some 4,500 e-Synergy sites world-wide.  This is a remarkable statistic given that the system was only released a little over three years ago.  The real benefit of e-Synergy is from the better utilization and management of people resources.  For example, studies show that without an e-Synergy type product, it takes three internal people to support 10 external people.  With e-Synergy the ratio can go down to one internal person to support 10 external people... really some dramatic savings.  As companies face higher employee turnover, e-synergy can reduce training time by standardizing processes.

    E-Synergy can be customized in a number of ways with built in functionality as well its new series of add-on vertical applications.  For environments having very unique requirements, Exact has released its Software Development Kit (SDK) to permit dealers and end-customers to develop specific functionality.

    EDI processing just got easier.   Exact’s new EDI module enables users to complete the EDI process in fewer steps and less time by providing all of the functions in a single application.  Sterling Gentran will still be supported but all new sites will utilize the new solution.

    A new release of Exact’s Warehouse Management System is out and includes integration to POP and Shop Floor.  In addition, the ability to print RFID tags to a printer has been added.

    Exact’s Advanced Scheduling module will be released before the end of second quarter 2005 for Macola ES.  It is a finite capacity scheduling system.

    The new Business Analytics module will help you monitor performance indicators you establish so that you can measure progress toward company goals.

     For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Gary Baum at 216-823-1800.


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