Goldmine v7.0 Anticipated Soon

    The much anticipated release of GoldMine 7.0 is forecasted for the September/October timeframe. While few user interface enhancements have been made, this version is significant in its architectural changes under the hood and should be a part of nearly every GoldMine site’s upgrade plans.

  The major architectural changes stem from the desire to remove dependency on the Borland Database Engine (BDE). The BDE that the current versions use is older technology and has seen its fair share of problems over the years. The BDE is an intermediate piece of software that handles all communication with the database. Removing dependency on the BDE will make the software more stable, less restrictive, faster and more scalable. Common issues like the limit on the number of user-defined fields in the Corporate Edition will be eliminated (or at least dramatically improved).    

    The Corporate Edition will use some Microsoft and Windows based technology called ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) to communicate directly with Microsoft SQL Server. Using ADO means better and faster communication with the database server and also allows more efficient statements for reading data, reducing the overall load on the server.  

    The Standard Edition will use an open source SQL database server called FireBird. FireBird is billed as a stable, robust SQL database platform. FireBird is an offshoot of the former InterBase code and made freely available. InterBase was a leading enterprise database server for many years prior to the Microsoft SQL Server success in the marketplace. The FRS technical team feels very strongly about the FireBird engine and the improvements it brings to the standard version.        

    Synchronization now uses XML files to transfer data within the transfer sets. This is reported to allow better and more reliable transfer of data. The size of the files may be slightly larger, but most sync users will not notice the change.    

    Corporate Edition users who are current on their maintenance agreements are eligible to receive the new version. Standard Edition users are eligible for the upgrade as long as they are covered under an active UPP (Upgrade Protection Plan) subscription. Eligible users will be upgraded using new license codes. The procedure for receiving the new license codes is not yet apparent. We assume that the license codes will be issued or generated as part of the Update GoldMine function under the Help menu in the software.    

    If you have any add-ons, custom applications or custom reports – you may want to to develop a test plan for working with the new version.