GoldMine Corporate Edition v7.0

    Frontrange Solutions has released the latest version of GoldMine Corporate Edition,GoldMine 7.0. GoldMine 7.0 delivers broader integration with external systems,enhanced workflow tools, and higher performance to help small-to-medium size enterprise (SME) users raise the personal productivity of their sales and marketing teams.Here are some examples of new functionality.    


  • Enhanced Workflow with Contact Search Center Quick Actions – GoldMine contact search center now incorporates Action Shortcuts that allow you to quickly schedule activities, send e-messages, initiate mail merges, and append information to contact groups or distribution lists.
  • Easier Integration with GM+ Browser Data Access – GM+ Browser is an extension of the GM+View functionality that allows you to view information from external sources such as other databases, back office systems, and websites. You can have multiple GM+ Browser windows open simultaneously
  • Redesigned Database Architecture - As part of Frontrange’s ongoing investment in GoldMine, the Borland Database Engine (BDE) has been removed. The result of which is an improved ease of database use, faster programming speed, and reduced memory overhead.

    The second promotion relates to special pricing on its Exact Business Analytics(EBA)module.EBA is a manager level tool to monitor key performance indicators and metrics relating to inventory,sales,manufacturing on a real time basis. With the purchase of the EBA Core Bundle package,customers will receive the eDeployment module for no additional charge.