New Release of Macola Progression

    Macola Progression Service Pack C You must be on Progression version 7.6.300, 7.6.300a, or 7.6.300b to update directly to service pack C. This update is easier to install. There are three steps including system updates, application updates, and then updating each pc running Progression with the client updates. There is a patch for this service pack to ensure that each workstation gets updated before entering into Macola again.    

    Progression 7.6.300 spC includes support for Crystal Reports 10 as well as Crystal Reports 8.5. During the System Update process you will have the opportunity to choose to install Crystal Reports 8.5 or 10.0 run-time components. This is a systemic setting. All workstations in your Progression environment will have the same version of the Crystal Reports run-time components installed. Crystal Reports 10 is not compatible with Windows 98 so if you have any Windows 98 workstations that access the Progression Integrated Crystal Reports, you must select Crystal Reports Version 8.5 to ensure compatibility across you environment    


    Service pack C fixes many bugs and includes many enhancements as well. Here are a few:
  • Pop Up messages based on the item number entered in OE. Reminds sales person to ask if customer also wants a complimentary item or to provide processing instructions for a particular item.
  • Automatically increment and display tag numbers when entering a physical count.
  • Improved audit trails in Inventory Management
  • Keeps same doc date for inventory transactions until changed.
  • Better processing of out-of-stock items with a valid substitute item set up.
  • Easier searching for customer item numbers in Order Entry
  • Several enhancements in the purchasing module, payroll, and standard costing.

    Beachwood Systems is still reviewing the service pack. Please check with us when you are ready to install it.