Using Goldmine with Exchange or Lotus Notes

 Many organizations have two systems in house for managing communication and scheduling.  GoldMine is often used for customer relationship management including sales, activity tracking, and the main contact database, while Outlook or Lotus Notes is used for scheduling and email.  Maintaining both of these systems with up-to-date information can be time consuming and confusing.  Integration products offer a way around this problem.

     FrontRange Solutionís GoldMine Integration Services for Microsoft Exchange (GISME) is used to allow users to maximize productivity and spend less time looking for contact information and coordinating schedules.  This product features: calendar synching which allows Exchange users to schedule meetings with GoldMine users; availability checking giving users access to other usersí availability on his or her GoldMine calendar from within the Exchange scheduling tool in Microsoft Outlook; synchronization of GoldMine contact information to a public contacts folder in Exchange to allow Exchange users to see GoldMine contact information; and web access and update ability to GoldMine contacts through Outlook Web Access.

     GoldNotes by BDS enables Lotus Notes and GoldMine users to have email, contact and calendar synchronization.  The email integration includes the ability to retrieve email addresses from GoldMine and bring them into the Lotus Notes for sending.


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