Crystal Reports v10

With Batch 360 for Macola ES, and Service Pack C for Progression 7.6.300, you can now choose to upgrade to Crystal Reports v10 or stay on v8.5.  Here are some considerations.

     Crystal Reports version 10 has some new features including a Formula Workshop and Formula Expert making it easier to create formulas.  It allows you to connect to heterogeneous data sources such as a SQL database and a xBase file within the same report.  And it has an interactive tool for drill-down level functionality.

  Version 10 is licensed differently.  You can no longer compile reports to EXE’s and distribute them to users to run royalty free.  Instead, you need to purchase a “run-time license” for each user that you want to run a custom written Crystal Report.  Each person that is going to create reports needs to have a “developer license”.

     Crystal Reports 10 is only compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems, so before the decision is made to upgrade, ensure that all users of Crystal Reports are running on one of these two platforms.



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