GoldMine Assessment Study

For a modest fee, Beachwood Systems offers assessments of your GoldMine implementation to see how you can get more out of your system investment. The assessment starts with the circulation of a survey to each key user of the system to determine job duties, GoldMine system functionality being used, strengths and problems of the system as perceived by that user, and a host of other information. This data is then analyzed by an experienced GoldMine consultant and supplemental phone interviews conducted as needed. A set of recommendations is prepared for how your company can better utilize GoldMine in your business environment. We then meet with management to present the problems, opportunities, and recommendations and discuss priorities of implementation. The cost of the study is $1,100 for a small site with less than 10 users, $1,600 for a site with between 10 and 25 users, and $2,400 for a site with more than 25 users.

Whether your GoldMine issues have arisen from a poor implementation, a lack of defined procedures that have resulted in inconsistent system usage, or employee turnover, it may be time to consider having a review conducted. After all, how much does it cost your firm in lost sales, customer dissatisfaction, and employee turnover using a full featured system in a sub-optimal manner?


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