Microsoft CRM - Service Management

Microsoft CRM has three major modules including Sales, Marketing and Service Management. The service management module is meant to help your company resolve its service requests faster and more efficiently in order to improve long-term customer loyalty.

The Service Management module is used by support representatives to track and manage issues from the initial point of contact through resolution. When a new service request comes in, the contract for the customer can be reviewed, and a case is set up for it. From that point on, a request or inquiry will be automatically associated with the appropriate case. Cases can be sent to queues where they can be accessed by support personnel or they can be automatically routed to teams or individuals based on rules in workflow fashion. If the case is not resolved in predetermined time frames, escalations rules can be used to notify managers.

The Service Management module features a searchable knowledge base that has a built-in review mechanism to keep the information as accurate as possible.

Microsoft CRM is tightly integrated with Outlook and automatically synchronizes Outlook E-mail, Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts with the Microsoft CRM database. With this integration, all email correspondence on the case is tracked and auto-response emails can be programmed.

Service appointments can be scheduled. There are many reports to evaluate common issues and measure service performance of your organization.


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