Using Excel to retrieve Macola data

The E-Excel Add-in provides a dynamic link between Macola ES and Microsoft Excel. This functionality is not restricted to the financial accounting packages, but is available across the entire Macola ES suite. This link allows you to generate your own overviews in Microsoft Excel using Macola ES data. You can make your own calculations using the data in the Macola ES database without having to type or export it. After adding transactions in Macola ES you just refresh your worksheet, giving you immediate, up-to-date, dynamic reporting capabilities.

E-Excel Add-in lets you build your own reports using a wizard or standard formulas. These formulas let you determine which information you want to retrieve, such as a customer's outstanding items. In doing so you can add your own variables, such as customer number or date.

Many Macola Progresssion users use F9 to produce financial statements from the General Ledger data. But did you know you can get data directly from the SQL tables with Excel right out of the box?

Use the Data menu option and select the option to Import External Data. Then click New Database Query. After supplying the proper user name and password (which can be restricted to select databases and tables), you will see a list of Macola companies in SQL. Select the company you want. Then use the wizard to pick the table and fields you want, how you want to filter the data, how you want it sorted and how you want to output it. You have the choice of bringing the data back in standard Excel format or as an OLAP pivot table.


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