Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is a term that many organizations are using to solve the challenges facing a company’s procedural needs in tying isolated operations together. All businesses embrace processes, and whether these processes are documented in Word docs or in employees’ heads, they are what keep businesses moving forward on a daily basis. BPM promotes the notion that a business moves forward based on the collective information that is stored, shared and circulated amongst employees.

By automating the routine business processes within your organization, you can increase efficiency, reduce errors, increase accountability, and ensure compliance with standards and legal requirements. Exact e-Synergy’s business process management (BPM) capabilities enable you to use workflow to quickly distribute tasks to the right people, track the progress of each task, and report on the results. Because business processes often involve stakeholders outside of your organization, e-Synergy’s workflow automation isn’t limited to your employees - your customers and business partners can also be involved.

This workflow automation is provided as part of your overall business management system, so information is not just kept in a file somewhere; instead, it is always linked to people, projects, items and transactions.


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